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Test Code ZIKA Zika Virus Panel, NYSDOH

Performing Laboratory

New York State Department of Health

Reference Values

See Report

Day(s) and Time(s) Performed

Results available within 21 days of receipt

Physician Office Specimen Requirements

Container/Tube:  Gold top and Sterile container


Specimen:  Serum: 2  red or gold top tubes containing at least 1.5-2 mL serum each (total 3-4 mL serum),

  And   3 – 20  ml of urine in a sterile cup

Transport Temperature:

    Gold or Red tubes must be centrifuged within 6 hours of draw and serum separated and poured off into aliquot tube and kept refrigerated for up to 6 hours.

After 6 hours the sample must be kept frozen at -70 degrees.



  Samples are transported to the lab frozen on dry ice with either the NYS Infectious Diseases  Requisition or the NYC Health Laboratory Test Requisition(Arboviral), depending on the patient’s residence, filled out completely.

The Zika Virus information can be located on the Laboratory Medicine intranet page at and also on the laboratories external webpage located at




Computer Interface Code

PDM #  1659833