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Test Code VZVACIF Varicella-Zoster Virus AB by ACIF

Important Note

NOTE: ACIF: Anticomplement Immunofluorescence

Performing Laboratory

Quest Diagnostics Infectious Disease, Inc

(sent to Valencia)

Reference Values

≥ 1:4

Test Classification and CPT Coding



Loinc Code: 44771-4

Physician Office Specimen Requirements

Container/Tube: Gold top Tube

Specimen: 1 mL serum ( 0.8 mL min)

Transport Temperature:  Room Temperature

Stability:  7 Days Room Temperature

                14 Days  Refrigertated

                30 Days Frozen


Clinical Utilities

A positive titer (≥1:4) by anticomplement immunofluorescence (ACIF) indicates a history of past infection by Varicella-Zoster virus (VZV). This antibody is usually detectable within 2 days after the onset of rash and is, thereafter, detectable for life. Conversely, the absence of detectable antibody can be used as evidence of susceptibility to varicella (chickenpox).


Anti-Complement Immunofluorescence (ACIF)

Computer Interface Code

PDM # 5900122