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Test Code RENAL Renal Function Panel

Additional Codes

Sunrise Clinical Manager (SCM) Orderable:   Renal Panel

AllScripts (AEHR) Orderable:  Renal Panel

Performing Laboratory

Northwell Health Laboratories


Profile Information: (Includes GFR calcualtion)
Albumin Creatinine
Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) Glucose
Calcium Phosphorus
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Potassium
Chloride Sodium


Specimen Requirements

Container/Tube: Gold-top tube

Specimen: 1 mL of serum

Transport Temperature:  Refrigerate

Collection Instructions:  Allow 1 tube to clot for 45 minutes, spin down and process promptly to avoid falsely low results. If cells remain above gel, place 1 mL of serum in a plastic vial. Avoid exposure of specimen to atmosphere.

Reference Values

See individual test listings.

Test Classification and CPT Coding


Day(s) and Time(s) Performed

Monday through Sunday

Computer Interface Code

PDM #  5302035