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Test Code OSTE Osteocalcin, Serum

Additional Codes

Sunrise Clinical Manager (SCM) Orderable:   Osteocalcin

AllScripts (AEHR) Orderable:  Osteocalcin

Performing Laboratory

Quest Diagnostics' Nichols Institute, Inc. - Chantilly


Electrochemiluminescence (ECLIA)


Reference Values


Pediatrics: 5-9 years: 47-142 ng/mL
  10-13 years: 49-167 ng/mL
14-17 years: Males: 26-203 ng/mL
  Females: 14-85 ng/mL
Adults: Males: 9-38 ng/mL
  Females: 8-32 ng/mL


Test Classification and CPT Coding


Physician Office Specimen Requirements

Conatiner/Tube: Gold-top tube(s) or Red Top tubes

Specimen:  1 ml Serum ( 0.5 mL min)

Transport Temperature: Frozen

Note: . Spin down, separate serum from cells, immediately freeze.

Day(s) and Time(s) Performed

Monday, Thursday

Computer Interface Code

PDM #    5901025