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Test Code MANGWB Manganese, Whole Blood

Performing Laboratory

LabCorp of America


Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS)

Reference Values

8.0−18.7 μg/L

Test Classification and CPT Coding


Computer Interface Code

PDM # 5904345



Specimen Required

Collection Container/Tube: Dark blue top EDTA trace metal tube

Specimen Volume:  2 mL Whole Blood  (0.6 mL min)

Transport Temperature: Room Temp



Used For

Monitor manganese exposure

Toxic exposure may occur from dry cells, fungicide (maneb), and in the steel or chemical industries. Manganese is present in the coloring agents for glass and soap, in paints, varnish and enamel, and in linoleum. It is used in the manufacture of chlorine gas and in lead-free gasoline. Industrial manganese poisoning has been recognized since 1837.