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Test Code LYTESTOOL Electrolytes, Quantitative, Feces

Additional Codes

Sunrise Clinical Manager (SCM) Orderable:   Electrolyte Panel, Stool

AllScripts (AEHR) Orderable:  Electrolyte Panel, Stool

Performing Laboratory

Northwell Health Laboratories


Includes chloride, quantitative feces, potassium, quantitative feces, and sodium quantitative, feces

Reference Values

No established reference values

Test Classification and CPT Coding

82438 - chloride

84302 - sodium

84999 - potassium

Physician Office Specimen Requirements

Collect a minimum of 20 mL of very liquid stool. Send specimen refrigerated in a stool container.

Note:  1. Do not send formed stool. In the event a formed stool is submitted, the test will not be performed; and the report will indicate “A formed stool specimen was submitted for analysis. This test was not performed because it only has clinical value if performed on a watery stool specimen.”

2. Timed collections (24 hour) will also be accepted.


Note: Liquid stool is only acceptable specimen for this test.

Stability:   48 Hours Room Temperature

                   7 Days  Refrigerated

                   14 Days Frozen

                  60 Days Frozen

Day(s) and Time(s) Performed

Monday through Saturday

Computer Interface Code

PDM #  5302935