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Test Code IMCP Immune Complex Panel

Performing Laboratory



Ezyme immunoassay (EIA)


Test Includes: C1q binding; immune complexes, C3d circulating


Reference Values

C3d Immune Complexes            ug Eq/mL

       Normal                <15.1

       Equivocal         15.1 − 19.9

       Positive                >19.9



Immune Complexes, C1q Binding    ug Eq/mL

       Negative              < 4.4

       Equivocal         4.4 − 10.7

       Positive                >10.7

Physician Office Specimen Requirements

Container/ Tube:   RED top tube(s).

Specimen: 1 ml (x2)  mL of serum in two separate plastic vials (2 mL total volume of serum)

Transport Temperature:  Frozen serum

Stability: 5 hours Room Temperature

              14 Days Frozen


Useful For

Detect circulating immune complexes (CIC)

Computer Interface Code

PDM # 5913684