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Test Code GANC Ganciclovir, Serum

Reporting Name

Ganciclovir, S

Useful For

Monitoring patients on ganciclovir

Performing Laboratory

Mayo Medical Laboratories in Rochester

Specimen Type

Serum Red

Specimen Required

Collection Container/Tube: Red top

Submission Container/Tube: Plastic vial

Specimen Volume: 1 mL

Collection Instructions: 

1. Serum for a peak level should be drawn 30 to 60 minutes after dosing. Serum for a trough level should be drawn no more than 30 minutes before the next dose.

2. Spin down within 2 hours of draw.

Specimen Minimum Volume

0.3 mL

Specimen Stability Information

Specimen Type Temperature Time
Serum Red Frozen (preferred) 28 days
  Refrigerated  14 days
  Ambient  7 days

Reference Values

Trough: 1.0-3.0 mcg/mL

Peak: 3.0-12.5 mcg/mL

Day(s) and Time(s) Performed

Thursday; 11 a.m.

Test Classification

This test was developed and its performance characteristics determined by Mayo Clinic in a manner consistent with CLIA requirements. This test has not been cleared or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

CPT Code Information


LOINC Code Information

Test ID Test Order Name Order LOINC Value
GANC Ganciclovir, S 15367-6


Result ID Test Result Name Result LOINC Value
80140 Ganciclovir, S 15367-6

Clinical Information

Ganciclovir, an analog of acyclovir, demonstrates inhibitory action against some viruses including herpes virus, cytomegalovirus, and HIV. Therapeutic ranges have not been well-established for ganciclovir; current ranges are based on typical values seen during ganciclovir therapy and do not correlate well to toxicity or outcome. Monitoring of ganciclovir serum concentrations may be most useful in guiding therapy in patients with renal dysfunction. Myelosuppression is the major dose-limiting side effect of ganciclovir.


Valcyte (valganciclovir) is an oral prodrug of ganciclovir ester. It is immediately converted to ganciclovir once it enters the bloodstream. The oral dose is designed to deliver ganciclovir equivalent to intravenous ganciclovir at 5 mg/kg.

Analytic Time

2 days

NY State Approved


Method Name

High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)