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Test Code C1QBIND Immune Complex Assay by C1q Binding

Performing Laboratory

LabCorp Burlington NC


Enzyme immunoassay (EIA)

Specimen Requirements

Container/Tube: Gold-top tube(s).

Specimen: 1 mL of serum (0.1 mL min)

Transport Temperature: Frozen

Stability: 1 Day Room Temperature

               7 Days Refrigerated

              14 Days Frozen


Note: Freeze serum within one hour of time drawn

Reference Values

Negative: <4.4 μg Eq/mL

 Equivocal: 4.4−10.7 μg Eq/mL

 Positive: >10.7 μg Eq/mL


TAT 5 - 9 Days

Test Classification and CPT Coding



LOINC Code: 27831-7

Computer Interface Code

PDM # 5902320

Used For

Monitor immune complex disease (ie, lupus, glomerulonephritis, serum hepatitis, arthritis, vasculitis); monitor progress of some malignancies


Circulating immune complexes can be demonstrated in rheumatic, infectious, and neoplastic diseases, as well as most immunologically mediated illnesses (inflammatory bowel disease, thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura). The 1981 WHO/IUIS survey of laboratory tests in clinical immunology concluded that the detection of circulating immune complexes is not essential to any specific diagnosis.