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Test Code AFFIRM Bacterial Vaginosis Panel

Additional Codes

Sunrise Clinical Manager (SCM) Orderable:   Bacterial Vaginosis Panel

AllScripts (AEHR) Orderable:  Bacterial Vaginosis Panel

Performing Laboratory

Northwell Health Laboratories


DNA Probe

Reference Values

Negative for Candida species, Trichomonas vaginalis, and Gardnerella vaginalis

Test Classification and CPT Coding


Physician Office Specimen Requirements

1. Collect specimen using BD AffirmTM VPIII swab collection system.

2. Remove excess mucus, secretion, or discharge.
3. Swab genital area with sterile culture transport swab.
4. Return swab to sterile culture transport tube to ensure specimen preservation.
5. Label tube with patient’s name (first and last), date and actual time of collection, and type of specimen.
6. Maintain sterility and forward promptly at ambient temperature. If there is a delay in transport of  >3 days, send specimen refrigerated.

Note:  Specimen source is required on request form for processing.

Day(s) and Time(s) Performed

Monday though Saturday


TAT:  72 hours

Computer Interface Code

PDM # 5910445