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Test Code 4KPSA RFX 4K PSA Total + Free Reflex >3.0 to 4Kscore

Important Note

The 4Kscore Test will not be performed with a positive biopsy result

Reference Values

See Report



Report available 2 - 3 days

Test Classification and CPT Coding



Physician Office Specimen Requirements

Container/Tube: Gold top tube

Specimen: 3 mL serum

Transport Temperature: Refrigerated- If longer then 24 hours please freeze sample.

    Specimen is also acceptable if aliquoted & frozen

Stability: 24 hours Refrigerated

                7 days Frozen


Note: Please indicate if the patient has a previous biopsy

       [] No prior biopsy      []  Negative biopsy     [] Positive biopsy



   DRE Results

     [ ] Nodule  [ ] Normal  [ ] Not Performed




Used For

 High Grade (Gleason 7+) Prostate Cancer Risk Evaluation


Limitation an Exclusions for the 4Kscore

Do not use this test for a patient:

  1) With a previous diagnosis of prostate cancer

  2) That has received a DRE in a previous 96 hours (4Days) before phlebotomy. A DRE performed    after phlebotomy is acceptable.

  3) That has received within the previous six (6) months 5-alpha reductase inbitor such as (5-ARI) therapy such an Avedaart(R) (dutasteride) or Proscar (R) (finasteride).

  4)  That has undergone within the previous six (6) months any procedure or therapy to treat symptomatic BPH or any invasive, urologic procedure that many be associated with a secondary PSA elevation prior to phlebotomy.

  5)  That is younger than 40 or older that 80 years of age.




Electrochemiluminescene Immunoassay


Refex if PSA is greater or equal to 3.0 -4K Score will be added on at an additional charge.

Computer Interface Code

PDM # 1859233

Performing Laboratory